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Touch Typing Tutor Manual

This manual describes the basic information and use of the Typing Tutor.

Lesson Options

General Lesson Options

On this dialog box, you can set up the lesson configuration on each level.

Options Lesson

First, choose the level in the drop-down above and then set the following parameters:

Lesson View area defines how the text of the lesson will look like on the screen:

For continue lesson area defines the program's behavior in case of typos:

Keyboard Options

On this dialog box, you can choose and keyboard type, fingers position and color scheme of the virtual keyboard used in lessons.

Keyboard Options

Statistics Options

The Statistics dialog box is composed of two tabs named Course and Lesson both containing Available parameters and Selected parameters lists. Here you can configure which metrics to display in the Statistics. Use the Arrow Right Button and Arrow Left Button buttons to add or remove a parameter from the Selected Parameters list. Use the Arrow Top Button and Arrow Bottom Button buttons to change parameters order in the list.

Statistics Options

The parameters available for the entire course are as follows:

The parameters available only within the lesson's scope are as follows:

Lesson Wallpaper

On this dialog box, you can select the lesson wallpaper(background pictures or background animation).

You can also invert the colors of correct (green by default) and wrong (red by default) characters in the lesson by enabling the Invert colors checkbox.

Colors Options

Font Options

On this dialog box, you can set the fonts both for lessons text and virtual keyboard. First, choose the layout in the Keyboard Layouts drop-down list and then you'll be able to specify the font for Lesson as well as set the font and its size for Keyboard in the corresponding drop-down lists. You can specify the font size for the lesson in the General subsection as described above.

Info Button Notes: Make sure the font you collected contains all the characters of the language, it is chosen for. Sometimes even the Euro-sign is missing in fonts. Because of that we recommend to use fonts that are shipped with your operating system or with office-suites.

Font Options

Note that you can always read this manual by clicking the Help button. If you want to switch back to defaults, press Restore.

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Rapid typing tutor is very best and helpful to me. It increases my speed in typing.
The online test is also helpful. It is very useful software.


very good software from beginners to advanced ones thanx for making it a freeware


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