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Rapid Typing Tutor 4.4 is released
December 24, 2011

Changes in this version:

Changes version 4.4

Typing lesson editing:

- Drag Drop function for lesson list editor added;
- context menu in Lesson Editor added;
- Cut, Copy and Paste functions in context menu in Lesson Editor added;

Virtual keyboard:

- touch screen support added;
- keys under cursor( or finger in touchscreen mode ) now highlighted;
- new highlight toggle feature for Control key( Shift, Ctrl, Alt );

Typing test statistics:

- percentage ratio of errors for wrong letters typed for the whole lesson is shown;


- Traditional Chinese interface language updated ( thank you Robert Lee );
- Greek interface language updated ( thank you );
- Russian interface language updated ( thank you Tatiana Belous );


- arranging the application titlebar for left right position( with languages ) added;
- refreshing the application titlebar after interface language changed;
- other minor bugs fixed;

Rapid Typing Tutor 4.3 is released
November 30, 2011

Changes in this version:

Changes version 4.3

- background music bug fixed;
- delay with selecting statistics cells for large statistics reports fixed;
- keys can be highlighted individually in statistics view ( lesson tab );
- confirmation box for removing selected lesson(s) added;
- saving (multi)selection in statistics view ( course/ lesson tabs ) added;
- inversion of selection in statistics view added;
- all error keys can be highlighted using Ctrl+A in statistics view;
- double-click to lesson statistics cells to show lesson letters table;
- button focus bug fixed;
- removing first lesson bug fixed;
- bottom panel in statistics view and editor view reduced;
- last selected item in editor view fixed;
- lesson text color enhanced;
- other minor bugs fixed;

Rapid Typing Tutor 4.2 is released
November 13, 2011

Changes in this version:

Changes version 4.2

- new Greek course added;
- support for 680x420 screens added;
- support screen rotation added;
- "blank" lesson background added;
- word count in lesson editor added;
- "show/ hide keyboard" option on the user level page moved;
- delay with loading the course, using older video cards on Windows 7 fixed
- "minimize/ maximize" bug for left, right or top Task Bar fixed;
- splitter bug for maximized window fixed;
- other minor bugs fixed;

Rapid Typing Tutor 4.1 is released
August 16, 2011

Changes in this version:

Changes version 4.1

- added Windows Themes support ( the contrast schemes, big fonts, not-system fonts support );
- added the finger scheme for Anti-RSI layout( Two hands #6 )
- added the changing of the statistics parameters on the Results dialog box;
- added the statistics parameters the Delay and Delay%
- improved common application performance;
- some user interface improvements;
- fixed bug with Greek accents;
- fixed some minor bugs;

Rapid Typing Tutor 4.0 is released
May 11, 2011

Changes in this version:

Changes version 4.0

- Added multi-line support;
- Added support of the Alt+Shift+key;
- Improved running speed ( including running by LAN and Flash card );
- Improved user interface.

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Rapid typing tutor is very best and helpful to me. It increases my speed in typing.
The online test is also helpful. It is very useful software.


very good software from beginners to advanced ones thanx for making it a freeware


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