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RapidTyping is available both in Setup and Portable versions. If you plan to work with RapidTyping only on your local PC, choose Setup version. But if you want to use it from your flash drive or any external device while on the go, Portable version is exactly what you need. In the classroom you can use both version at your choice.

Setup for Windows

Version 5.3
License Freeware
Compatibility Windows
x64 x32
Size 15.05M 13.67M
Antivirus Check Check

Portable/USB для Windows

Version 5.3
License Freeware
Compatibility Windows
x64 x32
Size 20.3M 18.34M
Antivirus Check Check

Using in the classroom

  • RapidTyping is only installed on the teacher's computer.
  • The teacher's computer can be a server or workstation.
  • Students run an executable file from a network drive over the local network Wi-Fi or Ethernet.
  • The teacher creates student accounts.
  • Student accounts are stored on the teacher's computer.
  • The teacher can monitor the process of learning/testing of students on his/her computer.
  • More info..

What's new in RapidTyping 5.3

Current lesson

  • When a user finishes the final lesson of the current course, the next course will start automatically.

Student list

  • Moving students between groups. («Drag-and-Drop» or «Ctrl+X» and «Ctrl+V» shortcuts)


  • Added «Speed» and «Accuracy» markers on the diagram current item's label.
  • Added «Shift» and «Ctrl» hot-keys for item selection on the lesson statistics diagram.

Lesson editor

  • Moving lessons between sections and courses.
  • «Create new section» command added.
  • «Properties» window has been deleted from the «Lesson editor».
  • The «Save statistics of the incomplete lesson» has been moved from «At the close application» section into the «Lesson Duration» section. Also, this option is disabled when «Do not stop the lesson» is selected.
  • The «Save all» menu command saves all courses for all keyboard layouts.


  • The «Confirmation» message box appears if the user does not have right-access to the Student/Lesson folders.
  • Check-box «Apply to all» has been added to the «Confirmation» window when existing groups, students or courses are inserted.
  • More than 50 bugs have been fixed.

What's new in RapidTyping 5.2

  • Rapid Typing is now also available as 64-bit Windows program
  • User logout without closing application
  • Teacher creates new student accounts with own lesson settings
  • Speed and Accuracy diagrams can be displayed together or separately
  • Lesson Goal is displayed on the Speed and Accuracy diagrams
  • Result window and student diagrams are displayed without delay
  • Using multi select to assign courses to a group
  • Use native digits for numeric formatting defined by the system's regional settings
  • The full support for the Right to Left languages
  • Persian course for experienced students, created by Sayyid AliReza
  • Rapid Typing Italian distributive with full Italian localisation(including Help) created,

What's new in RapidTyping 5.1

  • Ergonomics interface design in the Windows 10 style
  • Now, RapidTyping suggests the shortest way of typing the composite characters
  • Application now launches faster over the local network in classrooms
  • New French express-course for advanced users, created by Francois Goethals

What's new in RapidTyping 5.0

Current lesson

  • speed and accuracy for current lesson in real time
  • remaining and elapsed lesson time
  • passed lessons marked in the Lesson menu
  • support for multi-language lessons
  • support for laptop and netbook keyboards

Student list

  • added support for student groups
  • different courses assigned to different student groups
  • student password
  • student statistics from teacher's computer
  • now, convenient to add big number of students
  • import/export the student/group


  • export the student/group statistics, in the PDF, HTML, XML, CSV formats
  • overall lesson rate added
  • statistics for each symbol/key ( speed, error, time-out ) typed added
  • statistics for keystrokes added ( includes the system keys type( Shift, Alt, BackSpace ), repeated error keystrokes )
  • preview the course, lesson and char/key statistics together
  • coloring in table the good/bad results

Lesson editor

  • undo/redo for course edit
  • split lesson by character, words, sentence, paragraph
  • import/export lesson course( including course options )
  • new course option: customise definitions of good/bad results
  • new course option: customise metronome options
  • new course option: show/hide the Result window in the final lesson
  • new course option: show/hide the lesson text highlight
  • new course option: enable/disable the BackSpace key


  • full package for Arabic, Dutch, Finnish, French, English, Hungarian, German, Greek, Russian, Spanish keyboards
  • Package for beginners - all keyboards

Program language

  • Abkhazian, Arabic, Albanian, Bosnian, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Kurdish, Polish, Portuguese (Brasil), Russian, Serbian, Slovenian, Spanish, Turkish, Uzbek, Ukrainian

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