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NameDate, TimeDuration (s)Accuracy (%)WPMCPM
Typist27 Jun,00:42941001773
Typist27 Jun,00:38349947199
MAMTA27 Jun,00:3862926111
Typist27 Jun,00:374510036152
Typist27 Jun,00:31116391459
Typist27 Jun,00:28529831131
Typist27 Jun,00:264410037157
Typist27 Jun,00:19161312085
Typist27 Jun,00:16689924100
Typist27 Jun,00:1680982297
pooja27 Jun,00:15439238160
pooja27 Jun,00:14479635147
Typist27 Jun,00:14619827113
pooja27 Jun,00:13581728117
Typist27 Jun,00:13669825104
pooja27 Jun,00:128851877
Typist27 Jun,00:09619927112
Typist27 Jun,00:08544630126
Typist27 Jun,00:02388743179
Typist26 Jun,23:59409941171
Typist26 Jun,23:54529831133
Typist26 Jun,23:482810059247
Typist26 Jun,23:38109991563
Typist26 Jun,23:3587337158
Typist26 Jun,23:34479934145
Typist26 Jun,23:323910042177
Typist26 Jun,23:30419840167
Typist26 Jun,23:293610045189
Typist26 Jun,23:1997251770


NameDate, TimeDuration (s)Accuracy (%)WPMCPM
Fast & Furious23 Nov,01:0032100166739
Fast & Furious23 Nov,01:0032100166739
My Name Is ...23 Nov,01:1032100165738
Fast & Furious23 Nov,01:0132100165738
Fast & Furious23 Nov,00:5832100165738
Fast & Furious23 Nov,00:5832100166738
Typing Champ23 Nov,01:1732100166738
Beat Me!!!23 Nov,01:0832100165738
Typing Champ23 Nov,01:1132100165737
Fast & Furious23 Nov,00:5732100165737

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this is the best typing test

chandraprakash kumar
Mar 08, 2016

this game is really fun and good to learn do you think it is fun text me on hear if you like this game bye.

Mar 03, 2016

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