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Typing Tutor: RapidTyping 5 Beta

This is a pre-release version of RapidTyping 5. Thank you all, for your help testing, translating and reporting issues.

RapidTyping 5

Setup for Windows 15 November 2014 16,5M Download Now
Portable/USB for Windows 15 November 2014 22,1M Download Now

RapidTyping Help 5

DutchSteven HappySetupPortable
English (it's already in the installer)Neil PatonSetupPortable
FinnishRiku JarvinenSetupPortable
HungarianPetrovics SandorSetupPortable

Release notes

Edition of 15 November 2014

Current lesson

  • speed and accuracy for current lesson in real time;
  • remaining and elapsed lesson time;
  • passed lessons marked in the Lesson menu;
  • support for multi-language lessons;
  • support for laptop keyboards;

Student Panel

  • added support for student groups;
  • different courses assigned to different student groups;
  • student password;
  • student statistics from teacher's computer( or system administrator );
  • now, convenient to add big number of students;
  • import/export the student/group statistics;

Statistics Panel

  • overall lesson rate added;
  • statistics for each symbol/key ( speed, error, time-out ) typed added;
  • statistics for keystrokes added ( includes the system keys type( Shift, Alt, BackSpace ), repeated error keystrokes );
  • preview the course, lesson and char/key statistics together;

Lesson editor

  • undo/redo for lesson edit;
  • split lesson by character, words, sentence, paragraph;
  • import/export lesson course( including course options );
  • new course option: customise definitions of good/bad results;
  • new course option: customise metronome options;
  • new course option: show/hide metronome;
  • new course option: show/hide the Result window in the final lesson;
  • new course option: show/hide the lesson text highlight;
  • new course option: enable/disable the BackSpace key;


  • English courses updated;
  • Greek courses updated;
  • French courses added;
  • Hungarian courses added;
  • Netherlands courses added;

Translation interface files

Below are the current available translations for RapidTyping's default interface. If you don't see your language below and/or would like to get involved, please contact us.
Package contains two folder:
  • Program. This folder has one language file in xml format. Please, copy (replace existing) this file into the "../RapidTyping/Resources/Language/All" folder. If the string is not translated, it is shown in the program, using the format "ID string: English string" for convenience. ( Original language file shows only English string, in this case )
  • Distribution. This folder has files for the translation of the installer, ReadMe and License files. You can see your changes only after rebuild the new version of the program.
Abkhazian100%|0%Abuhba AndreyPackage
Albanian81.6%|100%Artur Lugu, Teola ShkodraPackage
Arabic99.0%|67%Ibrahim SaedPackage
Bengali85.0%|0%Sujesh Kumar KhanPackage
Bosnian85.0%|100%Belmar BegicPackage
Bulgarian22.0%|0%Stefan StefanovPackage
Chinese-Taiwan81.6%|66%Robert LeePackage
English-USA100%|100%Keith JohnsonPackage
Estonian21.2%|0%Jaanus TanavPackage
Farsi22.5%|0%Ardeshir AbasiPackage
Finnish100%|0%Riku JarvinenPackage
French77.2%|0%Alain FontanaudPackage
German87.8%|34%Matthias EllerPackage
Hungarian100%|100%Petrovics SandorPackage
Indonesian81.6%|100%Emil CaryabudiPackage
Latvian30.3%|0%Anete OzolaPackage
Polish84.7%|100%Pawel PaszczaPackage
Portuguese-Brazil85.0%|0%Silas Ferraciolli CorreaPackage
Russian100%|100%Tanechka BelousPackage
Serbian81.6%|34%Tim PercePackage
Spanish85.0%|0%Julian MuletPackage
Swedish0.3%|0%Oskar ArevallPackage
Turkish84.7%|0%Anil KilicPackage
Ukrainian22.0%|0%Yuriy SegedaPackage

Translation Help files

Below are the current available translations for RapidTyping Help. If you don't see your language below and/or would like to get involved, please contact us.
Dutch100%Steven HappyPackage
English100%Neil PatonPackage
Finnish100%Riku JarvinenPackage
Hungarian100%Petrovics SandorPackage

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Last Review

I love this program! It's amazing how the first and second graders learn to type using both hands and lots of their fingers!
Thanks a lot!

Nov 19, 2014

This site is a nice way for kids starting out to get interested in typing. most of the games are enjoyable. I would say, add more appealing games on to the site. Add more colorful characters and story to games such as the typing game clockwords act 1 did. I would definitely be more interested in this site for keyboarding class if you did. I hope you appreciate the feed-back! :)

Nov 17, 2014

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